Middle Room - Bograshov 58

Room in apartment - Bograshov 58 - Tel Aviv


3 Guests maximum
The apartment is located in Bograshov 58, Tel Aviv. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in total. One of the bedrooms is a master room with a private bathroom. The apartment is fully furnished and equipped. There is AC in each room and enhanced Wi-Fi. A fully equipped kitchen is attached to a very naturally lighted living room. Washer and dryer at the apartment too.

The bedroom is fully furnished. There is a queen-size bed (composed of 2 single beds in case you have a guest for a night). There is also a potential space for a desk. There is a 3-door closet (very spacious). There is private AC.

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Standard occupancy: 4

Max occupancy: 3


Air conditioning
Air conditioning individually controlled in room
Chair provided with desk
Double beds
High speed wireless
Hot water
Kitchen stove
Lock on bedroom door
Separate closet
Shared bathroom
Single bed
Tables and chairs
Twin bed
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Bograshov 58 - Tel Aviv

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